Thursday, September 20, 2012

Latest Project Gallery - LifeLike (nee Pyro) Mayflower

 The little Pyro Mayflower was tooled, like many of their model ships, in the mid 1960's. It is one of the few representations of the R.C. Anderson version available and works out to around 1/300.
 This kit is crisply molded in white; originally was tooled in brown and white.
 For the most part, it does capture the feel of Anderson's version, if somewhat simplified.
 The markings on the quarterdeck were accomplished with colored marker on single ply smooth Strathmore Bristol board.
 The stern decorations were handpainted. All the colors used were regular craft store acrylics. The strakes were accomplished with 1/16" vinyl tape. There is still some touch up needed here.
 View of the port side. You can just make out the grating over the hatch on this shot. I created this grating with Microsoft Windows Paint, reduced it and printed it on regular paper. I used brown marker to color it. The same paper was used in the beakhead.
By this date (20 September, 2012), the hull is basically complete. Beams were added across the hatch for the ship's boat to rest upon. Two pumps were added just forward and abaft the main mast, and the poop deck railing is a replacement. Should be a lovely little model upon completion.

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