Wednesday, September 5, 2012

El Navio Moves To The Internet

I believe that the best way to begin is with a brief explanation. While it is true that I have a good many hobbies, one of them has been fairly consistent for better than three decades, and that is a love of ships. This has taken various forms over time, from model building to artwork to writing and research. Among other things, I consider myself very fortunate in having worked in the nautical history field as well, being involved with our local maritime museum in the 1990's.
Now, as I find myself wanting to venture back into these waters, I feel it necessary to share my work here. Recently, I have made the decision to do more maritime art and find a market for it. This is unusual territory, to be honest, given this day and age. Yet I believe that inside everyone there lurks a need to be close to the sea, their "mare nostrum", to borrow the Latin term for "our sea".
"El Navio" was my maritime research diary, my second one. It deals primarily with the miniatures and artwork I've done, and soon will have its pages filled. This blog is an extension of that diary, and here I will share in my work from time to time.
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